You are running to catch the bus and got successful, however, by hanging and grabbing to what all you can reach. Now, as you entered inside, you get shocked—neither a place to sit nor a place to stand.

Now, what to do? You are all alone. The only companion you have now is your internet, your smartphone, and your lovely little earbuds. But wait a minute! Buds are tangled, and they add more to your lousy condition and your anger.

If you are looking for a solution regarding this problem, you are in the right place.
There is a science and some tricks behind this which once you apply may save your time, may increase your buds’ time, and may save your bucks too! So, we will discuss every single detail so that it will be easy for you to get everything right. There is also a surprise in this article, so…
Sit back, relax and join the ride.

How do I keep my earbuds from tangling?

A scientific approach to this problem:

Has your heart ever stopped by realizing that only one earbud is working? If that happened to you, you might easily understand what most of us have gone through!

You have seen that a soft rope, forming multiple configurations in nature: a wire badly trapped, assembling a puzzle which is heart aching and time-consuming altogether. The wire tends to entangle onto each other and forms a mass, causing issues with it.

Earbud knotting didn’t seem to be a simple issue, and so, topology has been made by the mathematicians to ease this problem.

There is a theory called knot theory which is used to study the knots, i.e., mathematical properties.

There is an interesting scientific observation that the hard wires are better than soft wires which decreases the chance of knotting. Maybe, that is why Apple has taken harder materials for new generations of laptops (i.e., for power lines).

Now it is also clear that why the long and thin Christmas tree lights are a painful mess, but the short and thick wiring board wires are highly comfortable.

What else are you doing wrong?
When we are in a hurry, we crush them inside our fists and quickly put them inside our pockets, bags, satchel, etc. which later takes a long time to untangle.
To prevent this, buy smaller containers/pouches to keep your earbuds safe.
All being said, we must know that buy a headphone cord as short and stiff as you can, and keep them in a small pocket for a short period (i.e., try to take them out occasionally so that they don’t become a mess for you!)


  1. It should be known that a concise string can’t clot (say 1mm).
    · So to clot, an earbud require a decent amount of length.
    · The key is by placing them neatly, the ends won’t meet, and it won’t tangle too.
    · They must be flexible as a steel bar doesn’t clot easily.
  2. Now follow undermentioned points to save your earbuds from tangling:
    • Long enough
    · Flexible
    • No sticky surface
    • Confined space
    • Ends must be free to move.

Don’t start pulling out of frustration and try to maintain a sense of peace inside your head because you may damage your earbuds and regret it later.
Fixate the two ends and see the magic. They won’t tangle again.

How to fix earbuds that work when you twist the headphone jack?

There is a simple technique you can use, but still, we would love you to give you one more because needs vary from person to person.

Method 1:- Easy One
To fix this problem follow these steps:-

  1. Get a spare 3.5mm jack assembly.
  2. Remove the wires entering the 3.5mm jack.
  3. Solder individual wire of the cable to the new 3.5mm jack
  4. Close it with its cap.

Method 2: Alternate One
· What you can also do is to try another pair of headphones to make sure it’s not the actual jack on your device.
· If the problem is in the headphones, there nothing you can do.
· But Westones have replaceable cables which are essentially over-ear headphones or high-end in-ear pairs of it.
· Do check warranty- it may save your few bucks!
· And, if you don’t own a soldering iron, solder/flux etc., buy a new pair of headphones.

Why do earbuds break from one side? Why do they stop working after some time?

· The wires from the plug to earbuds are small and take face a lot of stress. They get knotted up, twisted, tugged, folded and what not!

· It should be known that there are stress points at the last end of the plug and each earbud connection, but strain relief is not visible anywhere.

· We believe that regular strain relief would be too bad for the product designers as it includes a cent or two to production costs which they avoid.

· It’s evident that that one wire will break. But what happens is that from your headphones, you start getting noise on one side as the connection gets terrible.

· We tried our hands on repairing headphones too, but we realize that the small headphones and earbuds are not worth our time.

· Note that it costs extra to buy the replacement plug than to get the full headset. This is because when we start buying in small quantities.

· Only thing we could convey is that to take care of your cables so extend their time.
· We usually do this:- when we are not using headsets, we hang them on a hook or wrap them around a plastic spindle (small piece).

You may also buy a new one too or use toothbrush or items like that!
· We coil the cables and keep them hook-and-loop cable ties so that wires can be kept safely.
· Add extra strain relief at the last tip of the connectors.

· A small strip of duct tape or a dab of silicone sealant may work for you.
· The result may be useful but not pleasant to look at.

So, we must say that it all depends on you to follow which steps suit you and which don’t.

What’s the best way to store earphones and not get them tangled?

We all have been fighting with this problem, and are always looking to get a perfect solution.
We then decided to pile this answer for you so that it will help you from any issues.

When we are explaining this, we assume that the problem is with the iPod/iPhone earphones made with the tacky/sticky rubber.

So, the best solution is:

· First, start with the earbuds on the ends.
· Now, rotate them in a flat, long loop so that it gets around the palm of your hand.
· Then, when you flatten it out lengthwise, be sure that this loop is about 4-6 inches long.
· Finally, by using the plug end’s last few inches, cover it around the middle (perpendicularly) of this loop, i.e., keep together the middle part of it. Then place the plug under the loop.
· When you make it tight, it will hold the plug end.

I hope you loved our simple explanation about the issue and methods to untangle your earbuds.
We hope to receive a lot of positive replies/suggestions from you.
All the best!

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