Tips on How to Properly Maintain your Records

Before Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and other mp3 or audio platforms, there were records. This antique music storage is also called phonograph records or gramophone records. This article will introduce you to tips on how to properly maintain your records clean and well-stored.

The Long Playing Records

Records are the vinyl materials that provide the music of your favorite artist from the past. This CD-like analog sound storage medium is eventually called LP, which means long playing or long play records as started in Columbia back in 1948.

Record collectors know the importance of protecting and maintaining these media. These will not be valuable anymore once it has been broken or left untidy. They are especially sensitive to any kind of scratches, heat warping, and sunlight. So, to help you take better care of your record collection, here are some tips for you to follow.

How to Properly Maintain your Records

Keeping your records clean and safe doesn’t mean storing them to a place wherein there are no sunlight and dust. NO, it is not as easy as that. If you really want to retain the value of these music records, you must properly and regularly clean them. Get your pen and paper because, in this section, you will gather tips on how you can correctly maintain the condition of your records with regards to the following:

  • Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Handling
  • Playing


The first thing you should remember in order to protect your records is to keep them in proper storage. Since these are collector’s items, probably, they will spend the majority of their time not being played and only stocked in a room. Make sure that the storage box or cabinet you use is close enough, so there will be no room for dust or any kind of dirt.

Do not store your records horizontally because when they are stacked on top of each other, it may create scratches. You should store them vertically and make sure that they are distant from extreme heat, direct sunlight, and even humidity or moist. Retain the inner sleeve of each of the records. However, if you do not have the original cover anymore, just use a plastic liner.


Do not forget to regularly clean your records even if it is not in constant use. A fiber brush is useful to clean them because it can easily enter the grooves and remove dirt instantly. In addition, this kind of brush can also reduce any latent electricity that might bring dust to the record. Just spin the LP slowly while holding the fiber brush over it. Do not use any cloth or towel as this can cause scratches and other damages to the surface of your vinyl.

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Just like the regular CD that we are using nowadays, it is a no-no for us to touch the surface of a record. To properly maintain them, touch only the edges and the inner label or the vinyl records. Even though you have sanitized hands, you do not touch the part that contains stored information such as the grooves of the album.


Playing your records is the most crucial part in properly maintaining their value especially if you have a manual turntable – a player that requires you to lift the arm and needle on the LP to play or stop. Be careful when doing this. Wait for the platter to stop spinning before doing anything on the needle to avoid scratches on your record.

Aside from that, do not set the needle down too heavily on the record and be mindful while the record is playing. Avoid shaking or moving the turntable because it might cause the needle to skip across the record, which can produce cuts to the LP.  After playing, you should give your record a quick brush to remove any dust. Then, return it to its sleeve.

So there you have it, the four important tips you should know regarding how to properly maintain your records. Remember that it is better to follow them than to regret and repent later on. You may also visit any music or record stores nearest you because they might help you with this matter.

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