6 Quick Tips On How To Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

The second most craved thing after the smartphone is earbuds/headphones

Slide your hand in the pocket or sift through your bag, you will come up with a pair of earbuds.

However, regardless of the joy we achieve to use them after putting them in the ears, the struggle of keeping them from falling out is real.

Most of the time you can't actually figure out the genuine reason behind them falling time and again it is irritating to the bottom.

With the same feelings, let's have a look at some of the tested and tried, somewhat sensible, tips to avoid the basic cause of this dilemma.

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out of Your Ears

Been through the same crisis, I can absolutely feel your suffering but we have got some serious solutions out of it, here you go.

1- Invest in Sweatproof earbuds

Earbuds are typically preferred the most by sportsperson because of their small size and less engagement during the game and exercise. When you invest in sweatproof earbuds, you double the layer of security of keeping them from falling. When we sweat, the fit of earbud loosens in our ear and the earbud is pushed outside naturally. To further clarify it, the sweaty water makes the grip slacken and the earbud withdrawals from the hold. Therefore, this possibility can be directly avoided by appointing sweatproof earbuds over regular earbuds.

2- Experiment with the tips to explore your size

Not all humans have the same ear sizes. If some have a small size, the other may have large while many have reasonably mid-size and it all looks biological. The chances are, you may have one ear slightly in a different size than the other and it may be the sole reason for making the earbud fall out again and again. When you buy new earbuds, the package also includes 3 distinct sizes of ear tips that can be experimented to explore your ideal size. Once you put the right size of earbuds in your ears, they will never fall out.

3- Don't switch earbuds frequently

If you are keen on buying new earbuds every now and then, this might be a hurdle for your ears to adjust to one particular size naturally. However, if you get to find the earbuds that are surprisingly comfortable plus good in fit, stick to them and don't switch often. The rationale behind this idea is, applying different earbuds don't let your earholes adopt a definite size. With a new earbud every time, the ears shape into a different size and the issue remains constant.

4- Use Wireless earbuds

Most of the people, including me, totally hate handling the wire arrangement. Resultantly, our hands and body consciously or unconsciously mess up with the wire while running or moving casually which causes the fit of earbuds to loosen and they fall out. In such a case, you can avoid this situation altogether by choosing wireless earbuds over wired earbuds.

5- Wear earbuds upside down

Now, this tip is considered a stopgap among teenagers or maybe a sort of fashion because it looks cool and different. Instead of directly putting the earbuds in the ears, you can put them upside down and roll the wire at the back of the ear. Initially, it may feel troublesome but it is one of the easiest solutions against this problem and you will love it eventually.

6- Don’t use the earbuds every time

This is more of an advice than a tip because you may not be happy to read it. Using too much of the headphones/earphones is not just dangerous for your eardrums and listening efficiency but also for the skin of ear canals. With the passage of time, the constant presence of a gadget in the ears reduces the natural flexibility of the skin, and space or hole goes round to be bigger. That is why the same set of earbuds that were once a good fit turns into a bad fit in due course.

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