Gaming Headphones For Laptop or PC : A Quick Guide

For hardcore gamers to enjoy their games to the fullest, the headphone is an essential gadget to own. It is a unified thing in order to get the most out of your gaming experience.

If you are one such gaming enthusiast and already own a gaming laptop (or computer) but lack gaming compatible headphones in your setup, then you are in the right place.

Listed below is a definitive guide to buying a gaming laptop headphones that will help you in making the right choice and decision for your next gaming headphone purchase. 

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Plan based on your budget 

The first and most essential thing to keep in mind before buying anything is to know the budget and plan accordingly. Most of the times your budget is something that decides what you should look for in the product you are planning to buy.

For headphones, the ordinary ones can start from as low as 20 dollars. While the gaming headphones too can start from 40 dollars at a minimum but only at the expense of compromising a few things in sound quality, comfort, and built.

However, any headphones that are under $200 dollars and above are definitely going to give you much better overall performance. They come with increased sound quality, more comfort, specifications, and designs that are very hard to resist. 

Choose the right type of headphones

With the improvements in technology, gadgets launched now come with more specifications and types from which you can choose. In the case of headphones, you have options such as wired or wireless headphones. Let us see how they differ in terms of performance.

  • Wireless

While wireless headphones sets are fancy and attractive to use, there are some downsides of it too. It might be easy to use if you are at a longer distance from your laptop; as you do not have to worry about being plugged out in the middle of a happy dance or a jump of joy.

However, with wireless headphones come a few connectivity issues. As they usually connect via Bluetooth or WiFi, there arises the interference problems, and you might experience the late sound transmission. 

Moreover, the battery might drain in the middle of a game if you forget to charge it beforehand however some headphones nowadays come with optional cable to keep you going while being charged. Also, the price of the wireless headphones is a little higher than the wired headphones, and you might want to drop this idea if you are short on budget. 

  • Wired

Despite the wireless headphones improvements, wired headphones are still a favorite among users and have stood firm in the technological market for years. Although they perform better but have the downside of having too much tangling problem and you have to stay in the range of the cord available.

When it comes to the connectivity and sound transmittance, the wired headsets are unbeatable as the cord is a much faster way to get the accurate sounds — thus resulting in excellent sound quality. Moreover, it does not need any charging, and you can use it for as long as you wish.

Insanely important factors to consider 

The latest headphones come with a range of different designs you can choose from. Two of them for gaming laptops are on-ear and over-ear headphones. The on-ear headphones are exactly over the ears and might cause a little discomfort in prolonged use.

However, the sound quality is much better and has a maximum noise cancellation technology. On-ear ones are smaller in size and do not even leak the sound outside. While the over-ear ones have a fair chance of leaking sound as well as let the outside noise reach your ears too.

But they are bigger and provide a full over the ear comfort for prolonged use. However, the big size of it might hinder you from using it in an active lifestyle. So, when it comes to your comfort, you have to be wise about choosing the design to save regretting later. 

  • Weight 

Weight is another factor to consider while choosing a headphone set for your gaming laptop. As during gaming activities, you might sit for a prolonged period, and a heavyweight headset can cause neck discomfort and stiffening. 

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality is one of the top essential features; in fact, that is what you are buying the headphones for, so no compromise here. For better sound quality assurance, you have to be mindful of a few things such as the bass, active noise cancellation, and leakage of sound.

In many cases, sound leakage outside might not be an issue for many people. However, you have to be sure that the audio bass is appropriate as well as it cancels all the noise that you might not want to hear from the outside and get a real battlefield gaming experience. 

  • Gaming Sound Recommendations 

For gaming sound in headphones, you have to be careful about the following things. Firstly try to get a headset that has automatic volume control in it, as it will prevent your ears from the damage of loud and excessive noise usually present in games.

Secondly, for gaming, matchless sound quality is not necessary, but the bass, accurateness, and clarity of the sound cannot be ignored. The reason for it is that you would need to hear every sound during the game to react better and faster and be more engaged.


Knowing the above features can reduce your struggle of finding the right type of headphones that are compatible with your laptop. It is undeniable that a perfect headphone set together with these gaming laptops can make your gaming experience the most enjoyable possible. 

After reading the above step by step and easy to understand gaming laptop headphones guide, we expect that you will find your desired headsets. By doing so, you can increase the entertainment  you get during your gaming activity.

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