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What Is Impedance in Headphones

Are you rummaging for your new headphone set? If you are in the market for buying a new set of headphones, then you will discover that there are a plethora of options available, and the selection is enormous. Which set of headphones do you choose is ultimately your personal preference, but you must be wondering […]

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What Is Frequency Response In Headphones

Headphones are probably the most frequently used accessory with our smartphones daily.Now, if you’re like the typical customer purchasing a headphone, you probably concentrate on two main factors- budget and brand.But are these factors enough for a satisfying music listening experience?If you ask me the same, I would say no. They’re not. Quick Navigation What […]

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Simple Guide on Cleaning Your Earbuds

Over time, earbuds can get dirty. You may be using them at the gym, putting them in a dirty pocket or touching them with grubby hands. Maybe you are one of those people who loves to share their earbuds (something you should never do with your headphones). You know, your favourite song is being played […]

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