Get Wet With These 7 Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

Best Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

So you want the freedom to get wet with your bluetooth headphones. I don't blame you. Being able to take your headphones anywhere without having to worry about them breaking from getting wet is nice. You want to be able to exercise and sweat all over them before taking them home and washing them clean. Or maybe you want to take them kayaking and not worry about water spray or submersion danger. Either way, having a pair of the best bluetooth waterproof headphones can make your life a lot easier. Who knows, maybe having a great set of bluetooth headphones for running will motivate you to run more often. We all need that extra motivation. 

In this post, you will find our pick of the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones. We have also included an explanation of how the water protection ratings work and the best uses for this type of headphones. You might enjoy reading about durable earbuds, and the best earbuds for working out (most of which are also waterproof).

Our Top Pick

(In case you don't have time to read all the reviews)

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

On ear button control

Designed for safety

Highly sweat resistant

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Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Comparison


IP rating: IP57

​8 hour battery life for music/6 hours for talk time

Good bluetooth signal​

​Comfortable and durable design



IPX4 rating

​10 hour plus battery life

​30 feet bluetooth range

​Over ear hook to ensure they stay in place during exercise



IP rating: IP67

​8 hour battery life

​100 feet bluetooth range

​Ultra dust and sweat resistant - very durable



IP rating - IPX6

​Battery life: 6 hours of music

​Easy bluetooth pairing

​Over ear hooks ensure they stay in place during exercise



IP66 rating

​8 hour talk/6 hour music battery life

​Modern bluetooth technology

​Designed primarily as sport headphones


The Reviews

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

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  • IP rating: IP57 - can be submerged in fresh water to 1m for 30mins
  • 8 hour battery life for music/6 hours for talk time
  • Easy to use on ear controls
  • Ear tips designed in a way to allow you to hear some surrounding noise such as traffic for safety
  • Comfortable and durable design


  • Do not fit well if you have glasses

These are our top pick for bluetooth waterproof headphones. If you want a reliable set of headphones for exercise or outdoor use these are perfect. 

What we like about them is their superior comfort. They are lightweight enough that you won't notice them. The strap is flexible and will easily go around the back of your neck. It won't bounce while you run. The ear tips are designed in a way to sit comfortably in ear. If you want sound isolating headphones, these are not made for you. These are actually designed in a way to let some surrounding noise in. This is great for safety and also allows you to have a conversation while you wear them if you want.

The actual sound quality is very good. Because they are not designed to sit right in the ear canal, you won't get the deep bass and full highs that you get with regular headphones, but what you get is perfectly fine. They pick up the bluetooth signal very well and allow you to walk quite some distance from your device should you need to. 

The battery life is another strong feature. You get 8 hours of music or 6 hours of talk time per charge. If they are not connected to bluetooth they go into a hibernation mode which drastically extends the battery life, so you don't have to constantly recharge the battery. 

Overall we love these bluetooth headphones. They are great value for the price and come highly recommended with thousands of happy customers.

BlueAnt Pump - Wireless HD Sportbuds

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  • IP rating: IP67
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Top quality audio
  • Ultra dust and sweat resistant - very durable
  • Will not fall off during heavy activity
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 100 feet bluetooth range
  • Work with glasses


  • Some customers complain of connectivity issues
  • Clunky behind the ear design

These waterproof headphones have a lot going for them. They come in at the top of the dust and water resistance scale. You can pretty much take these anywhere. What makes them especially great is their snug fit. They secure tightly yet comfortably to the ear so you can be as active as you want without worrying about them falling off. 

The sound quality is good. They are more in ear than other workout headphones, so you get the full spectrum of audio. The bass is great with these. The battery life is rated at 8 hours, although some customers have stated that it is in reality more like 5 hours. ​One potential drawback with these is that despite the fact that they are marketed as receiving a bluetooth signal from up to 100 feet away, they do in some cases lose connection. A few customers have had the issue that after about 15 minutes they need to re-connect. This can be a pain if you are mid run.

The price is reasonable and if you want some durable headphones that you can wear during the toughest workouts, they are great. ​

Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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  • IP rating - IPX6
  • Lightweight and minimal
  • Over ear hooks ensure they stay in place during exercise
  • Battery life: 6 hours of music
  • Easy to use controls allow for music and phone control
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy bluetooth pairing


  • Mic could be better

If you are looking for some lightweight wireless bluetooth headphones for running or other exercise, these are perfect. With a IP rating of IPX6 they will withstand some serious sweat. Being minimalist and lightweight, you can comfortably wear them while running, cycling or in the gym without them distracting or bothering you. The fit is a bit trial and error, with the hook needing a bit of adjustment to fit your ear. But once you have it, they will stay in place. The battery life is a solid 6 hours to give you more than enough time. The sound quality is very good, although not audiophile quality. For a regular appreciator of music, they do a great job. And with easy and simple device pairing you will find these simple and hassle free. At a low price, they are a high value option.

KAYSION Bluetooth V 4.1 Earbuds


  • IP66 rating
  • Designed primarily as sport headphones
  • Modern bluetooth technology
  • Easy button control for music and phone calls
  • Low price
  • 8 hour talk/6 hour music battery life


  • Some customers have had trouble getting the right in ear fit
  • Average sound quality

The jury is still out there with these bluetooth sweat resistant headphones. The customer feedback is quite mixed, with some happy customers and some who find the quality to be below average. If you want a cheap pair of headphones that won't fall apart from you sweating all over them, these will do. They have a IP66 rating meaning they are sweat resistant but should not be submersed in water. With the price being so low, you can't expect much in terms of sound quality. They do a fine job, and will meet most people's requirements but if you have high expectations you should spend more on better quality. The bluetooth connectivity is good, although some customers found that they had to turn their bluetooth on and off again a few times before connecting. 

JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Earbuds

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  • IPX4 rating
  • 10 hour plus battery life
  • 30 feet bluetooth range
  • Over ear hook to ensure they stay in place during exercise
  • Music and phone call button control
  • Work well for people with glasses
  • Good JLab sound quality


  • Some customers found them to be quite uncomfortable
  • Some customers had connectivity issues with the bluetooth cutting in and out

JLab have a tribe of happy followers who love their sound quality and style for a reasonable price. As far as the sound goes in this case, JLab have again produced the goods. What you get is some great sound to really carry you through your workouts. They are sweat resistant so you can use them during exercise without worrying about them breaking. However their rating is only a IPX4 which for the price is a little low. The big problem with these is that many customers have had issues with the bluetooth connectivity. They appear to be prone to cutting in and out, even with the phone being relatively close. This together with their less than ideal comfort makes us question the price. They are however great as exercise headphones and should definitely be considered for their sound quality and slick design. 

Using Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for ​bluetooth waterproof earphones for swimming, I'm sorry to tell you that you won't have much luck. While it is possible to get waterproof headphones these days, the problem with finding bluetooth swimming headphones is bluetooth technology itself. Bluetooth signals just can't properly travel through water. This is because the density of water is too high. Just like a bluetooth signal weakens as you put physical barriers between you and the signal (like walls in a house), it struggles to travel effectively through water. By all means you can try (as long as the IP rating on the headphones is high enough for water submersion) but the music will cut out a lot. 

Waterproof Bluetooth headphones are however perfect for any other activity where there is a risk of the headphones getting wet. The obvious example here is sweat. If you enjoy exercising to music, but have had issues with damaging headphones in the past due to sweat, these headphones will be perfect for you.

Other examples are water sports where you would like to listen to music, but face a risk of dropping the headphones in water. Take as an example kayaking. Wearing your regular headphones when kayaking has the risk that you might accidentally drop them into the water. Using waterproof headphones eliminates this risk, because they can survive getting wet (assuming their IP rating is high enough).

What's this IP rating? Keep reading.

How The Water Protection Rating System Works

The IP or (Ingress Protection Rating) is a rating given to electrical equipment which specifies their level of protection against solid objects (primarily dust) and water.

​IP ratings will have two numbers (for example IP57). The first (in this case 5) describes the resistance to solids. Generally headphones will have a rating of 5 or 6, with 6 being the highest possible rating. A rating of 5 represents protection against "dust limited ingress" and 6 represents total protection against dust.

The second number in the IP rating (7 in our example) is the level of protection against water. We are only interested in headphones with a rating of 4 or higher, as less than that is insufficient to be labelled as waterproof. The ratings 4 to 8 (which is the maximum) have the following meanings:

  • ​4 - Protection against water spray from any direction
  • 5 - Protection against water pressure jets from any direction
  • 6 - Protection against brief water flooding
  • 7 - Protection against water submersion in 15cm - 1m
  • 8 - Protection against submersion under pressure for extended time periods

Just to confuse you more, you will sometimes see a rating with an X substituted for either the first or second number. In this case, the electrical device is only protected against the type of material (solid or liquid) for which the number is shown. So for example a device with rating IPX7 is not protected against dust but has a water protection rating of 7. Or a rating IP6X would mean a protection level of 6 against dust, but no water protection.

The Final Word

We hope out of these best bluetooth waterproof headphones you are able to find the right set for you. We have extensively reviewed the market and strive to only list the best products. However, as always we do recommend taking the time to read the actual customer reviews before making a purchase. ​

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