5 Best Swimming Earphones Reviews

Best Swimming Earphones

Waterproof headphones for swimming can transform repetitive back and forth lap swimming into something you look forward to. Whether you want to listen to your favorite music, an audiobook or podcast, swimming headphones can make a huge difference to the way you exercise. If you're wondering, how does it work? How to listen to music while swimming? The answer is to find the best swimming earphones which are completely waterproof and sure to last the abuse that swimming earbuds are subject to. Our swimming headphones reviews will make finding the best swimming earbuds easy:

Our Top Pick

(In case you don't have time to read all the reviews)

Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones

Great sound clarity

Great customer feedback

​Waterproof rating of IPX8

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Best Earbuds For Swimming Comparison

Swimbuds SPORT

Comes with multiple styles of earbuds to guarantee the best possible fit

​Waterproof rating of IPX8

​​Very strong and rugged build

​Includes a full one year warranty


Travelon Headphones

Comes with 3 different silicone covers which keep the earbuds in place

Waterproof rating IPX8

​100% plastic build​

Great choice for swimming laps headphones​


Sony Walkman NWZW273S

No cords, no tangles, no hassles & available in different colors

​Waterproof rating IPX8

​​Available in different colors

​Top choice for swimming headphones with MP3 Player


FINIS Neptune

With clips making it easy to attach to your swimming goggles

Innovative audio transmission system

​​Strong rugged build

With excellent customer support


Aerb 4G Waterproof MP3

Very durable with clips that attach easily to swimming goggles

​Water resistant to 3m (IPX8)

​​Available in different colors

​At a low price, the value is very high


Swimming Headphones Reviews

Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones

​Best underwater earbuds


  • Comes with multiple styles of earbuds to guarantee the best possible fit
  • Very strong and rugged build
  • Includes a full one year warranty
  • Cord is 40 cm to avoid tangling when swimming
  • Also includes a 1m extension for added versatility
  • Waterproof rating of IPX8


  • Do not include a MP3 player

Without a doubt, the best waterproof earbuds for swimming laps are these Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones. They are priced higher than most swimming earphones, but as many customers have attested to, the price is definitely worth it.

The best feature of these swimming earbuds is the included 4 different types of earbuds. As far as swimming laps go, the Tree earbuds work perfectly. They fit so snugly and securely in your ear, that no matter how rigorous the swimming gets, they stay put with no leakage. Worried they will come out during your flip turns? They will not. 

Something you really need to avoid when buying swimming earphones is choosing a set which will constantly need readjusting while you swim. Can you imagine having to stop mid lap because your earbuds came out? That will not work. With these waterproof earbuds for swimming laps, you do not have to worry. They will stay in place. Period.

The sound quality is as good as you will get for underwater headphones. With all the water movement and distortion, the sound quality will never be as good as on the surface. However, these provide more than sufficient quality for listening to your favorite music or audiobook.

With overwhelming positive customer feedback, you should not hesitate to choose these waterproof earphones. They provide the quality you will not get elsewhere.

Travelon Waterproof Headphones

Best cheap headphones for swimming laps


  • 100 per cent plastic build
  • Waterproof rating IPX8
  • Comes with 3 different silicone covers which keep the earbuds in place
  • Good comfort


  • Mixed reviews
  • Unlikely to last you more than a few months
  • No included MP3 player

If you want cheap headphones for swimming laps then these are a good choice. Priced significantly lower than the Swimbuds, you won't be breaking the bank. However being cheaper there is a higher chance of disappointment. 

The customer feedback is more positive than negative, with mostly happy customers. However, there are instances of these breaking after just a few months. When it comes to swimming earphones, you get what you pay for. 

Comfortable, waterproof and with three different silicone covers to guarantee the right seal, these make good entry level waterproof earbuds. If you want an inexpensive set as more of a trial or do not swim laps extensively, then these are a good choice. However if you are a serious swimmer, you have to go with the Swimbuds.

Sony Walkman NWZW273S 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player with Swimming Earbuds


  • Available in different colors
  • Comes in 4GB or 8 GB varieties
  • No cords, no tangles, no hassles
  • Charges in just 3 minutes
  • 60 minute battery life
  • Easy music navigation with simple button controls
  • Waterproof rating IPX8


  • Some customers have difficulty swimming with it

The Sony Walkman waterproof MP3 player is hugely popular. If you are looking for headphones for swimming which include an MP3 player, this is the top choice. It comes in various colors, and in either 4GB or 8GB. Either will be more than enough to store sufficient workout music, but will not hold your full music library.

The battery life lasts only 60 minutes, so if you have swimming sessions longer than this you should probably consider an alternative. With fast 3 minute charging, topping up the battery between workouts is simple. 

It includes swimming specific earbud tips to keep water out of the ear - maximizing the sound potential. If you want multipurpose headphones which work great for other exercise types, these are perfect. The sound quality is strong and will motivate you through the toughest workouts.

The one potential drawback with these is that some customers find them difficult to use while swimming. This is because they have a tendency to come off your head while you swim. Obviously, this can quickly become a problem. You will not want to readjust the headphones every time you do a flip turn. However, this can be reduced by placing your swimming goggles over the top of the headphones. 

FINIS Neptune


  • Strong rugged build
  • 4GB of memory
  • Clips make it easy to attach to your goggles
  • Use innovative audio transmission system  through the cheek bones directly to your inner ear
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Screen displays current song
  • Excellent customer support


  • Variable sound quality as you move your head in and out of the water

Finis have created a truly revolutionary product in these swimming earphones. They are so innovative, that they aren't even earphones. There are no earbuds to put in your ears. No earbuds means no hassle with constantly readjusting them or finding the right fit. So if they are not earbuds, what are they?

They work by sitting against your cheekbones. The sound travels directly through the bones to your inner ear. Amazing stuff. This has some positives and some negatives. The obvious positive as already mentioned is that there are no earbuds to deal with. Instead, they sit against your cheeks by attaching to your goggles. 

By transmitting the sound through vibrations into your ear, they work best when in a constant underwater environment. So if you swim with your head in the water, these will work. However if you swim break stroke for example, and your head is mostly above the water, they will not be very effective. The water surface is a noisy place, and all this noise will go straight into your ears. 

Other than the way they work, everything else about this waterproof MP3 player is excellent. The customer service is top quality, the battery life is a strong 8 hours, transferring music to the player is simple and fast, and there is even a convenient screen which shows the current song. 

Ultimately, this will come down to your swimming style. If you keep your head down as much as possible, it will work for you. If not, best to stick with traditional swimming earphones.

Aerb 4G Waterproof MP3 Music Player for Swimming & other Sports


  • Available in different colors
  • Water resistant to 3m (IPX8)
  • Clips attach easily to swimming goggles
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • Strong battery life
  • Very durable
  • Low price


  • Quality can be hit and miss

If you are looking for an inexpensive waterproof MP3 player or swimming earphones, this is a great choice. At a low price, the value is very high.

When it comes to earbuds for swimming laps, you want to be able to set and forget it. You don't want to have to worry about the fit, and whether they will fall out or not. Durability must be excellent. Buying headphones which will break quickly is not an option.

These swimming earphones really shine in this department. They can withstand a lot of abuse. They fit well and can be worn comfortably during a swimming session without having to readjust them. 

The first time you use these you might think they are not easy to keep in place. The trick is to wet your ear before placing the earbuds inside. This creates some suction which secures them tightly in place. It also improves the sound quality. 

While there are some customers who received defects, the vast majority of customer feedback is very positive. For the price, they are a steal. 

Best Swimming Earphones: The Bottom Line

Each of the best swimming earphones reviewed in this post is sure to impress. If you have an opinion to share, please feel free to leave a comment. 

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